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Recognizing that the equestrian sport of eventing has changed drastically over the past two decades in every way — from its general format to the way cross-country obstacles are built — this book professionally addresses the activity’s common lack of reference material. The study covers all proverbial bases, reflecting the means of achieving success according to today’s standards. Training, conditioning and competing in all three phases are detailed, including full chapters describing the special farriery, veterinary, and grooming needs of the event horse. With tips and advice from the top experts who make up the author’s own international eventing team, this handbook also features information on how technology can be used to improve performance.

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What People Are Saying:

“In eventing, names don’t get much bigger than Phillip Dutton, winner of two Olympic team gold medals and instructor of a long line of students that have gone on to glory of their own. Clearly, Dutton’s system is incredibly successful. This book is the bible of that system. John Strassburger, Horse Journal Performance Editor Reviews:

Not just for eventers … 5 stars
“This book is fabulous for every level of rider — though it starts with the history of eventing and the basics, it is not “dumbed down” and answers many of the questions riders new to eventing will have and is a great refresher even for those riders who have been at it for awhile.”

Valuable book should be in every horseman’s library … 5 stars
“This is a truly complete work by one of the world’s most accomplished and important professional riders. Every single chapter has something important to learn. I highly recommend it, not only for competitive riders, but also for those who would simply like to learn more about teaching and training their own horses at home, even if you just hack outdoors and enjoy trail riding.”

Excellent resource … 5 stars
“Love this book — great pictures and excellent information for all levels of eventing. Conditioning tips are super helpful as well.”

thumbnail.jpgWorld-Class Grooming for Horses
By Cat Hill and Emma Ford

It is the responsibility of professional grooms to keep their four-legged charges happy, healthy, and primed for peak performance — in body and mind. Now, two of the best professional grooms in the business share their trade secrets, with over 600 color photographs demonstrating how to clean the horse from nose to tail; wrap, clip, braid, and ship him; prepare him for or present him in various English competitive scenarios; and care for him after work or showing so he is rested and ready to do it all again. This book is everything you need to know from the pros: The ultimate modern-day guide for all riders who want their horses to look and feel their best.

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What People Are Saying:

“World-class equestrian sports rely on excellent horse care and horsemanship. This comprehensive guide by two grooms at the top of the industry provides the foundation needed to create a quality horse care program.” — Clark Shipley, professional groom, John Madden Sales/Beezie Madden​

” I so enjoyed reading such a thoroughly detailed book on the grooming and care of the valuable show horse. This book truly explains how one demonstrates impeccable horsemanship!” — Lisa Wilcox, member of the U.S. Dressage Team

“What a wonderful book! What the authors have done here is absolutely tops. It doesn’t matter your discipline — eventing, dressage, hunters, jumpers, or even western — you’ll find invaluable information here. And there’s something to learn whatever your level—novice, professional, or anywhere in between. World-Class Grooming for Horses is so needed — it is the only book out there like it. Anyone can benefit from it, and I highly recommend it.” — Jeff Cook, hunter/jumper rider and trainer

“In World-Class Grooming for Horses, we learn techniques for wrapping legs, bandaging tails, adding quarter marks, and polishing the metal on our bridles. But we also meet two conscientious and supremely motivated horse people who put the needs of the horse first in their own work and do their best to show us how to do the same.” — Silva Martin, member of the U.S. dressage team

Riding for the Team
Edited by Nancy Jaffer

This book is a compilation of behind-the-scenes stories from 47 athletes in 8 disciplines about how they achieved their dreams of riding for the USA. As of 2019 Phillip has ridden in every Olympic Games since his first team appearance for Australia at Atlanta in 1996 and for two decades until the Rio Olympics representing USA and winning the individual bronze at Rio in 2016. . In Riding for the Team athletes tell their stories and those of their horses during the years they honed their talent and dedicated their lives to representing their country in the Olympics, World Equestrian Games, World Championships, and Pan American Games. Beautifully illustrated with breathtaking photographs from prestigious competitions held around the world, Riding for the Team not only provides a dazzling record of American equestrian accomplishment, it promises to inspire the next generation of champions.

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What People are Saying: 

“If you haven’t scooped up your copy of Riding for the Team yet, you will most definitely want to add it to your Christmas wish list. I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed. After reading it from cover-to-cover three times through, my copy is proudly displayed on our living room bookcase, but I can promise you that it will be making its way down from time-to-time when I need some inspiration to get me through my difficult rides.” —Jumper Nation

“This book will appeal to equestrian sports super-fans and to horseman looking for life lessons alike. The stories are entertaining, uplifting and are almost parable-like in the moral philosophy beneath the surface of each one. They are wonderful insight into the lives of these US Equestrian Team members and reading them may bring both smiles and tears.” —Equine Times