Phillip Dutton – Practical Horseman Podcast

This week’s episode, brought to you by Cosequin Equine, is with renowned international eventer, Phillip Dutton. Originally from Australia, Dutton grew up competing at Pony Club rallies and horse trials during his childhood and teenage years, and continued to pursue riding while studying at university. In 1991, Dutton moved to the United States to continue his training and...
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Team USA’s Oldest Athlete Goes for Gold (Again!) at Seventh Olympics – AARP

Although the Tokyo Games will mark his seventh time participating in the Olympics, equestrian Phillip Dutton, the oldest athlete on Team USA, says competing in 2021 is no less of a thrill than it was the first time 25 years ago. "It's very unique and special to have our whole country cheering for us,” the 57-year-old tells AARP. America's oldest athlete was actually born in Australia and grew up with horses on his family's sheep and wheat farm. He spent most of his upbringing competing at pony rallies and horse trials. Then, in 1991, he moved to the U.S. to train. Five years later, at the age of 32, he participated in his first Olympics.

America’s Oldest Olympian Has No Plans to Disappoint – TIME Magazine

We’ve entered a golden age for graying athletes. Tom Brady, for example, just won his seventh Super Bowl. He’s 43. In May, Phil Mickelson, 50, became the oldest golfer to ever win a major championship. So does America’s oldest Olympian at the Tokyo Games, 57-year-old equestrian rider Phillip Dutton, feel extra pressure to match the age-defying performances that have recently been sweeping sports? Dutton laughs at the question. “Um, yeah,” says Dutton. “I’ll be doing my best to deliver.”
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