Sea of Clouds’ Journey and What It Means – Off-Track Thoroughbred Magazine

The idea began in 2012. We first met Phillip Dutton at a meet-and-greet for Cosequin, where my husband, Graham, and Phillip shared a sponsorship. Phillip and his wife, Evie, have a keen interest in racing, and it wasn’t long before we discussed partnering on one of our ex-racehorses to try eventing with Phillip. The goal was to find one that could go to the sport’s highest level. We could promote the journey, bring positive attention to racing and prove racehorses have years of productivity if they retire before injury.

We sent some horses to the Duttons, and they often came back because they didn’t have the “it factor.” All found homes at lower levels of eventing or in different disciplines.

This article originally appeared in the Summer 2022 issue of Off-Track Thoroughbred Magazine. Click here to continue reading.